Sand and Snow Banyan Bag

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Product Description

Stay stylish and snug with “Sand and Snow”, a fashionably monochromatic collection designed for the summer girl who wants to keep warm during the winter months. This bundle features a chic Marled Turtleneck Poncho that effortlessly transitions from beachside elegance to winter coziness. The cable knit gloves and fleece headband keep you warm while maintaining your fashion-forward look, and the striped scarf adds a touch of nautical charm. Embrace the versatility of this Banyan Bag, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds, summery hues fit for winter weather.

This Banyan Bag Includes:

  • (1) Marled Woven Turtleneck Poncho
  • (1) Beige Cable Knit Glove
  • (1) Sherpa Fleece Headband in Beige
  • (1) Multi Colorblock Scarf